Philosophy of care
1. To provide a secure, stable and comfortable environment whilst providing a standard of individual mental and physical care which ensures that each Resident is as happy and contented as possible.
2. To ensure that the dignity of each Resident is maintained at all times.
3. To stimulate and maintain physical and mental activities by setting realistic targets and encouraging Residents to participate in the decision making in an attempt to reach these targets.
4. To enhance the quality of life by providing a safe, secure, comfortable and supportive environment.
5. To ensure each Resident's right to personal choice is maintained especially in relation to clothes, diet and activities
6. To encourage Residents to care for themselves where they are willing and able, and to regularly update Care Plans to take account of this.
7. To ensure that each Resident is treated as an individual and that others respect his or her dignity, irrespective of any disability or frailty.
8. To maintain each Resident's right to privacy by ensuring all staff knock before entering a room.
9. To maintain each Resident's right to be consulted in any proposed changes to daily living arrangements and to encourage their participation in making suggestions and decision making.
10. To maintain each Resident's right of choice of family practitioner, dentist, optician, chiropodist etc. where possible.
11. To ensure each Resident has the right to socialise with the community at large by encouraging them to invite family, friends and acquaintances into our care home.
12. To maintain each Resident's right to have their political, religious, sexual beliefs and emotional needs accepted and respected.
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