Our History
Alderman William Dauntsey originally endowed Dauntsey House's site in the 16th Century as a Grammar School for boys, patronised by The Company of Mercers in London.
By a Will dated 10 March 1542, Dauntesey gave the Mercers' Company lands in London so that they could build a schoolhouse for a grammar school at West Lavington and also support seven poor persons in an almshouse.
After several centuries the original building was rebuilt in 1860 together with the adjacent almshouses and these, along with the vicarage opposite All Saints Church, formed the core of the village.
Since those times the building has had many changes to its purpose, becoming inturn a 'medical centre', a dance school, a private school and, since 1960, a Home for the Elderly.
The Almshouses still exist as private homes adjacent to the House.
Aerial view of Dauntsey House and the Almshouses

Unknown Lady above front door