A to Z of Dauntsey House

Most of our Residents prefer a quiet life and spend much of their time reading, watching television, or chatting with other guests, their visitors or the staff. We do arrange outings, in-house entertainment and garden parties on a regular basis. 
We recognise your independence and the types of events and the frequency are changed to best suit individual needs. 
To participate or not in any activity is always the Resident's choice.

When you arrive at Dauntsey House you will be made very welcome. We will show you around and introduce you to both staff and Residents.

Staff are always available to assist with your bathing needs.


We hold regular sessions where everyone can join in the fun - and win a prize!

We always remember your special day and the catering staff bake a cake for the occasion. We will not, however, give your age away as a matter of course, placing only a limited number of candles on your cake.

Breakfast is served on a tray in a residents room or, if prefered, this may be served in the dinning room. 

Call bells have been installed in every room including the toilets and bathrooms. If you require assistance of any nature, please use this system - it works and help will be at hand.

We are committed to providing the very best quality of care for our residents. We never forget that you are an individual, and this is uppermost in our minds when planning your care and ensuring the care suits your personal requirements.

Our care records are updated on a daily basis and reflect changing requirements and priorities.

We welcome children as visitors at all times. We find their visits are therapeutic for the elderly and always put a smile on their face.

A chiropodist visits the Home every six weeks, but is available on a more regular basis if required.

We aim to give our Residents as much choice as possible in all areas of their care.

We have strong links with the local clergy. If you would like your local priest/vicar to visit you, please ask the Management who will arrange this for you. 
There are monthly services held at the Home, which everyone is welcome to join.

Christmas is a very special time at the Home.

Each Resident has the choice of using their own dentist, though we have and can offer the services of a dentist who visits us by arrangement.

This is a Home and not an institution. We do not make it a practice of waking you up at dawn with a cup of tea! It is for you to advise us of your wishes. 
If you do like an early morning drink, all you do is let us know.

We will assist with postal voting or will take you to the Polling Station if you wish.

We request that any electrical appliance brought into Dauntsey House Care Home, however small, must be checked under the Portable Appliance Test and carried out by a qualified electrician prior to entering the home.
Should the appliance be faulty, it may cause a fire and obviously cause danger to everyone in the building. Dauntsey House Care Home has a contract with an outside agency to ensure all electrical equipment is tested on an annual basis.


Our staff will always encourage you to achieve as high a quality of life as is feasible and safe as possible.

There is an entertainment schedule for residents, for in-house events and outings. We try to visit different venues every year and are always grateful if any relatives or friends can come and help in any way.

We pride ourselves on our family atmosphere. We encourage families to become involved in the care of their relatives.

There is enormous job satisfaction in caring for the older generation, but providing quality care needs to be appropriately funded. Our fees are therefore set at a level to ensure that we are able to maintain high standards of care for each individual.

The Home does comply with all the Health & Safety regulations and has in place all the correct equipment and procedures. However we need to ensure that you will be safe in the event of a fire and will therefore complete a Personal Risk Assessment to enable our staff to ensure your safety. 
All staff have a thorough knowledge of the layout of the Home and escape routes and will be at hand should you need to evacuate the Home. 
There are certain rules like keeping fire doors closed and no smoking that have been introduced - these are for your safety - Please remember. 
The Fire Assembly Point is: The Front Lawn

“Can I bring my own Furniture?” Of course… we would want you to be as comfortable as you would be in your own home. The Home will supply furniture, but you' are welcome to bring in your own furniture and personal belongings, including pictures. We will gladly remove any of the Home's furniture to make space for your own. Furniture must however be in good repair and comply with current fire safety standards and all electrical goods must be checked under the Portable Appliance Test and carried out by a qualified electrician prior to entering the home. Please always advise us of any belongings brought into the Home in order for us to suitably record this.

An assortment of board and card games is available for your use.

We pride ourselves on having a wonderful garden and encourage all to relax and enjoy the tranquil surroundings. 

Doctors visit their own patients in the Home. If you are unable to continue with your existing doctor due to distance, we can arrange for a local doctor to continue with your care.

We have 2 hairdressers who comes into Dauntsey House Care Home once a week. A simple trim to a perm, they provide a service to both ladies and gentlemen.

If you are encountering any difficulty hearing, please let us know. We can arrange for an NHS Audiologist and seek advice on aids available to allow you to enjoy conversation, radio, television and music.
We also have our own visiting Audiologist who visits at regular intervals. 

We do always want to encourage you to continue with your hobbies or explore new ones. Please tell us about your interests. Over the years we have had pleasure in learning about helping wherever possible to attain individual pursuits. Perhaps we can suggest something that would interest and stimulate you. 
The choice is virtually unlimited and whatever your circumstances there will be many interesting and relaxing ways to spend your leisure time.

We want you to think of Dauntsey House Gare Home as your home. Tell us if there is anything that you need and we will do our best to provide it.

We will help you make arrangements if you need to have treatment at the hospital.

Whenever you have visitors, please extend our hospitality to them. We would be delighted to serve tea and coffee to you and your guests, either in your room, or in the lounge or in the garden in summer.
If you have a visitor who has travelled a long distance, and you would like them to join you for lunch or supper, we would be pleased to arrange this. 
Please give us advance notice so that we can instruct the catering staff to be prepared for your visitor(s).

If you unfortunately fall ill - we will access help from the appropriate services to aid your recovery.

A copy of the Home's Inspection report produced by the regulatory authorities is available in our Statement of Purpose. If you would like to read it please ask.

The personal effects of each resident are insured to the sum of £1000. We advise you to take out additional insurance cover should you wish to insure valuables, jewellery or require a higher level of insurance cover.

If you do not understand any term used by a member of staff, please ask them to give you a clearer explanation.

All laundering is undertaken on site. We would ask you to label your clothes with stitch-on labels, or mark them with a good laundry pen. This enables us to return them to you more promptly. We cannot take responsibility for items that are not clearly named, nor for items without laundry instructions. We have washing machines and tumble dryers. We provide linen and towels.

We have a supply of books with some in large print. We will always help you get to the library or visit the library on your behalf. 
If you have any favourite authors please let us know and we will try to obtain a selection for you.

Every effort is made to provide food you like. If there are any special requests, please feel free to talk to the management. Special diets are always catered for. The following times are approximate and are given as a guide:

  • Breakfast From 7.00am in your bedroom or dining room
  • Morning Coffees 10.30am - with a choice of biscuits and fresh fruit
  • Lunch 12.30 noon in the dining room or your own room
  • Afternoon Tea/Coffee 3.00pm - with homemade cakes
  • Supper From 5.00pm

At bedtime you have a choice of sandwiches, snacks and drinks. These are also available during the night if required.

Medicines are stored and dispensed at the correct times. Regular updates of medication are undertaken by each resident’s GP. We have a senior person in charge for re-ordering and liaising with the pharmacy.

You may use your own mobile phone during your stay with us.

Valuables must be signed for on admission into Dauntsey House Care Home. We advise that very little cash is left in the rooms. Any large amounts can always be locked away for safe keeping, if need be.

We have a variety of music tapes that you can borrow or listen to in the lounge. There is a piano room where we all enjoy sing-a-Iongs.

Residents’ finger nails are regularly manicured by our appropriately trained care assistants.

On arrival, you will be asked which paper you would like. This will then be ordered by the office. The cost will be added to your bill on a monthly basis. Please bear in mind that if you wish to cancel or change titles, the newsagent requires three days notice. For specific, periodicals, two weeks notice is required.

Night staff begin work at 8.00pm and finish at 8.00am. Once they have been 'given report' by the late shift staff, they will make drinks for everyone.
They do hourly checks on all the residents during the night and will of course help in any way, e.g. make a cup of Tea. 

We also have our own optician who calls at regular intervals. We can arrange for the local optician to visit by request.

We advise that you arrange for pensions etc., to be paid directly into your bank account, to avoid having large amounts of cash to worry about.

We urge you not to bring in items of great value, but if you do so, it would be advisable to take out your own insurance cover for your special items.


Visitor's pets are allowed in the Home after prior consultation with the Manager.


On admittance we will take your photograph to put on file. Residents enjoy browsing through our albums and reminiscing over past events.

Your privacy and dignity are always respected at Dauntsey House. 
If you wish to have a lock and key to your own room for your own personal use please ask any member of staff who will transmit your request to the Manager.

We invite Residents and visitors alike to complete and return our Quality Assurance Questionnaires. This will help us to monitor and ensure that Dauntsey House is providing the very best quality of care to our Residents.

Staff will always take the time to answer your queries so please do not hesitate to speak to any member of staff regarding any questions you might have.

There will always be a quiet corner to be found at Dauntsey Mouse Care Home.

We will arrange for a representative of any denomination to visit the Home. For those who wish to attend a religious service outside the Home, assistance will be given if required.

Our aim is to provide you with a safe and secure environment.

We will help to arrange a shopping trip if you so wish. Alternatively we will buy any goods on your behalf.

We discourage smoking within Dauntsey House Care Home, but if you are a smoker, we ask that you discuss this with the management. We are sure that you will understand that as we are responsible for compliance with fire and safety regulations and for the health and welfare of other residents, staff and visitors, that we do not allow smoking within the grounds and building.


A programme of activities has been arranged for your enjoyment. It is your choice to participate or not. Watch out for notices of forthcoming events. 
If you have any suggestions as to where you would like to go or something you would like to see or do in the Home, just speak to any of the staff.

The staff at Dauntsey House Care Home are committed to ensuring that your needs are met and that you enjoy your residence here. Although at times they are called upon to perform routine duties that can be hardly described at glamorous, a considerable amount of job satisfaction is gained if the end result is a contented resident.

If you feel that a particular member of staff has done anything over and above their normal duties to please you, then do tell us. We hope that you will never have cause to complain, but we do need to know if you are unhappy with the service you receive.
In the unlikely event that you have a complaint, please refer to our Standard Complaints Procedure. We constantly seek to improve the skills of our staff and value your views, to enable us to identify future training requirements.


A copy of our Statement of Purpose is available for anyone to see, just ask a member of management.

All suggestions and recommendations from our residents, their advocates or families covering the operational aspects of running the Home, social activities or religious preferences are welcome.

The Management is committed to addressing these as part of the overall philosophy of quality assurance for those for whom Dauntsey House Care Home is their home.

If you would like a telephone in your room, please talk to the management. There is also a mobile telephone for general use, please ask for the number on arrival. It is advisable to ring late mornings or early evenings.

Each bedroom has a television point and you are welcome to bring your own television. We cover the annual fee on your behalf.

Terms & Conditions of Residence
On arrival at the Home you will have been issued a contract clearly spelling out the services the Home will supply for you, your fee level and payment arrangements. This is a binding legal document.

Toilet Requisites
It is requested that you provide all necessary personal toilet requisites, e.g. soap, toothpaste, strident and talcum powder etc. Maybe your relatives would like to buy you any personal toiletries you require.

Trained Staff
The Manager and her Care staff also have close links with the local surgeries and the pharmacist in the local area. A number of our healthcare assistants have achieved National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) in care and others are currently undertaking such training. Training of any kind is actively encouraged at Dauntsey House Care Home.

24 Hour Call Bells
There is a completely up-to-date nurse call system in the Home. Residents are able to ring for assistance from any room, day or night.

We will arrange transport for you anytime - be it for a social occasion or a hospital appointment.

The staff at Dauntsey House Care Home are here to listen, understand and talk about any anxieties, problems or worries that you may encounter.

We have an open house. We are keen that families, relatives and friends are as involved as much as possible in Dauntsey House Care Home. If a relative or friend wishes to have a meal, with prior notice to catering staff, this can be arranged.

The well-being of our Residents is uppermost in our minds.

Wheelchairs and Special Adaptations
If you arrive with a wheelchair or frame provided by Social Services, we will arrange any servicing or-repairs needed. We provide various types of equipment, which may help you. There are many adaptations for people with eating difficulties, for example, special crockery and cutlery.

We do not have x-ray vision! If you have any problem or pain, please inform the staff.

Yes is the word we like to say, where possible, to your requests.

We hope that Dauntsey House will give all our Residents keen enjoyment and interest during their stay with us.